Why You Should Consider Micro Wedding and It's Amazing Perks this 2021

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Why would anyone want to hold a smaller wedding? You don't hear much about small weddings in those days of over-the-top celebrity weddings and spending enough on a wedding to place you in debt for years to come. Especially for those brides who prefer a more personal, intimate environment. Intimate weddings are making a comeback. Before the last year, 2020 intimate weddings have been existing but had changed everything including wedding events because of the rising case of COVID-19.  Big events such as weddings became more intimate since there are strict protocols that must be followed. That is why intimate weddings have become more popular and have increased during 2020. 

Micro Wedding | Charmerry

What is a Micro Wedding?

Let me make a few things clear. A small wedding does not mean a casual marriage, an artless wedding, or a cheap wedding ( because the guest list is dramatically reduced, there can be significant savings). A micro wedding simply refers to the guest list's size. A small circle of immediate relatives and acquaintances is limited to the guest list and the wedding party. How little? Sometimes as small as just 10 to 15 individuals.  A micro wedding cost is much cheaper compared to a big crowd wedding.

The Perks of Micro Wedding

  • Easy to Manage. A reduced guest list can be an easier time to handle big surprises, such as a change venue. 
  • You can save money. Any part of the wedding budget affects the number of guests you invite: venues, catering, flowers, favors, stationery, all of it. If you're on budget whether there is COVID or not, Micro Wedding would be best for you. 
  • Easy Planning Experience and Less Stress. Unlike big crowd weddings, you can plan your wedding on your own since there are only limited people invited. You can still include your DIY decor without any stress.
  • More Intimate Experience. The smaller the wedding, the more opportunities you have to personally interact with guests. Only the nearest relatives and friends with whom they want to guarantee an encounter are invited by couples who prefer micro weddings.
  • Less Pressure. A micro wedding is a perfect way, with a lot less pressure, to get all the advantages of a more conventional guest list. No high wedding expectations from the guest. You'll be more relaxed. 
  • Authentic. Perhaps a micro wedding feels more real, and far less intimidating.
  • Freedom. A small wedding gives you the freedom to concentrate on those areas of the wedding that are most important to you. Sharing the most important day of your life with a small, intimate group of friends. 
  • Achieves Destination Wedding.  A smaller wedding makes marriage to a destination much more realistic than a big wedding. A destination wedding becomes much simpler to achieve when the wedding party and guest list are small.  

Micro Wedding | Charmerry

How to Make your Reception Simple If You're On a Limited Budget? 

If you couples have been struggling for your wedding reception. In the intimate ceremony,  by the comfortable setting of a family member's home, the reception for a small wedding can be held. It can also be held at the bride and groom's choice restaurant you can hold it in your favorite park or your best friend's backyard. Your options are almost infinite for these intimate weddings.

Should you Invest in your Wedding Dress in your Micro Wedding?

Simple wedding dresses are much more flexible. Without it looking like a wedding dress, you will usually find another reason to wear it out again. Just because it's simple does not make it dull, for the record. Numerous necklines make your dress look fully modern, like one shoulder or one shoulder off. By adding some bold jewelry or accessories, you can also spice up the dress. These days, there are plenty of choices for a plain wedding dress. There are trim, silhouette, and color options available and styles exist to flatter every form of the body.

Micro Wedding Ideas

Here are some unique small wedding ideas and inspirations that for the rest of your life will make your wedding day memorable: 

  1. Since sharing the day with close family and friends is the whole concept behind an intimate wedding, consider doing your wedding favors. A handmade goodie basket of cookies, pieces of bread, and sweets, for instance. The point here is to make things as personal as possible for your wedding favors.
  2. How about making your guests sign and write on a tablecloth a personal sentiment? And, at a later date, as a family keepsake, you can permanently embroider the signatures and thoughts into the tablecloth.  
  3. Make your invitations for your wedding, personalizing each with a special sentiment. If you're talented in this field, you can design them completely from scratch, choose the paper you want, add dried flowers or bows, or even add your background picture. You can also hire someone to make your wedding invitations. 
  4. Try things that you know your guests are enjoying instead of the normal reception activities. For example, if your family and friends love board games, run a tournament with a gift basket of games being taken home by the winner. Or try a scavenger hunt or a game of softball. Make your wedding modern and with your style! 
  5. After your wedding, why not make it more enjoyable by making it last longer than a day for your micro wedding. You can rent them a house for days or a week. Plan for more fun, adventurous activities that will enjoy your loved ones. Things such as a boat trip, camping, fire camp, and karaoke. But that would depend on the number of guests, and what you enjoy doing, of course.
  6. Instead of a cake, having wedding cupcakes is a new hot trend. Without having to dig deep into your pockets, they can be as elegant as a cake. 
  7. Design and make decorations and bouquets of your own. This idea seems like a lot of hard work, but it can be fun and inspiring once again if you have the help of friends. Even floating candles with flowers in a bowl of water can be a quick, simple, and stylish addition. 
  8. Consider altering the date of your wedding. Saturdays are the most popular and, consequently, the most costly. Why not Friday or a Sunday? Also, daytime hours are cheaper and the lighting for your photos is better. 

Here Are Some Wedding Favor Ideas for your simple Wedding:


Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry

Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry

Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry 
Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry
Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry
Micro Wedding | CharmerryMicro Wedding | Charmerry

Your Micro Wedding Cake

I believe thinking about your personality and what you want is a great way to find out what you want in your cake. A small wedding reception with a few friends and family and 1 tier of cake would still make your wedding special. I believe it's not about how tall your wedding cake is but how you as a couple represent it.  If you're the type of person who just wants simple and clean then you can come up with that kind of cake too! 

These days, wedding cakes are more important to brides. Not only do they want their cake to taste amazing, but they want the ultimate expression of their wedding theme to be the wedding cake. If you have not selected the ideal cake topper, the design of your wedding cake is not complete. To stand out from your wedding cake, you may have a personalized monogram designed with the initials of the bride and groom. Some couples want to choose a cake topper that reveals one of their favorite items or expresses their silly side. 


Micro Wedding | Charmerry


To Summarize Everything:

  1. Perform almost all of the planning on your own. That's perfect if you have close friends and family members who are inclined to support for free. Try to save your precious money on wedding coordinators. 
  2. Choosing the most impressive reception isn't important. Sometimes the more private rooms, an outdoor park, or even your basic back garden at the back of your home are much more fun and relaxing to give your loved ones and closest good friends the celebration of your life. 
  3. Keep the decorating light and simple! There is typically someone with an artistic touch in every family. Get them to help you out with your easy wedding décor. 
Micro Wedding | Charmerry


It'll save you money to introduce these innovative ideas. You're going to have the peace of mind knowing that things are handled properly and you made sure of it yourself and you're going to have the extra money to prove it. Micro Wedding is practical, with a lot less stress and pressure. Make sure to have your micro wedding checklist prepared to keep your planning on track, you don’t want to miss a single detail on your big day right? Best Wishes on your Wedding!

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