Great Ways On How to Preserve The Wedding Cake Topper After Ceremony

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Are you looking for some great ways on how to preserve the wedding cake topper after the ceremony? We all know that photographs and videos are common ways to capture memories of the big day. Some items helped make the day special that the bride and groom have retained but aren't sure what to do with it. These can range from ceremony confetti to table confetti used to decorate the tables at the reception. Flowers to ribbon, wedding favors, wedding cake toppers, or anything else that made the day special. What are some ways to preserve the wedding cake toppers?

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Do you Really Need a Wedding Cake Topper on Your Wedding?

Wedding cake toppers are one of the prominent parts of every wedding. At the same time, they are one of the first things that guests recall about the wedding years after it has happened. Wedding cake toppers are a type of heirloom that many families carry down through the generations. That's why you'll often see brides agonize over the numerous options available while searching for the "ideal" wedding cake topper. A unique wedding cake topper not only reflects a lot about you, your personality, and your wedding. It also acts as a precious piece of memento, which is why preserving the wedding cake topper must be remembered. 

What are Different Kinds Of Cake Toppers?

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Monogram Cake Toppers. Typically, these are figurines of numbers, letters, or initials. The majority of them are composed of delicate Swarovski crystals in a variety of artistic fonts. Others have metallic finishes or are made of gold or silver mirror acrylic.

Edible Cake Toppers. Edible cake toppers may make an already delicious cake even more wonderful and enjoyable. These are built to order and come in different kinds of sizes, colors, patterns, and forms. 

Personalize Wedding Cake Toppers. The selection of customized cake toppers is boundless. Personalized wedding cake toppers are available in almost any design, theme, color, or form. The only limit is your imagination.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers. Consider buying some unique cake toppers that significantly represent your love for one another if you and your partner want to make your wedding cake topper one of a kind.

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers. Cake toppers with the bride and groom climbing up the wedding cake, the bride fishing for the husband, and even a cake topper where the bride drags the man by the pant leg are all available. A hilarious wedding cake topper will do the trick if you and your fiancé have a wonderful sense of humor and want to lighten up your wedding reception.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers. Monogrammed wedding cake toppers are another fantastic way to add a unique touch to your wedding reception. The initial of the groom's last name (which is the bride's new last name) is usually featured on monogram cake toppers. They can also be a combination of the bride and groom's names.

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers. If you and your fiancé aren't quite the typical bride and groom, it doesn't rule out the possibility of using a traditional wedding cake topper. Retailers now offer a wide range of brides and grooms in every color, shape, and size. A traditional wedding cake topper is ideal for couples who wish to add a touch of sophistication to their wedding cake.

What Are Some Important Considerations When Choosing A Wedding Cake Topper?

Avoid Using Plastic wedding cake toppers. The less expensive ones are a strict no-no. The wedding cake topper should be something unique that has never been seen at another wedding before. It may push you beyond your budget, but it will be well worth it when your guests compliment your wedding cake and you have an exclusive for a lifetime!
Be Creative. Try coming up with some ideas and styles on your own. Having a personalized wedding cake topper adds an element of romance, and glamour to your wedding as a whole. There are various current styles on the market these days that couples use in their flair. Begin your ideas or request that the baker create a fresh design for you. Then use it as the wedding cake topper.
Generation Honor.  Those who are budget-conscious can use the wedding cake topper that was used at your parents' wedding if it is still available. This would not only give the room a lot of emotional significance, but it would also make your parents happy.

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How to Preserve The Wedding Cake Topper After Ceremony? 

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Shadowbox Wedding Frames

Shadowbox wedding frames are perfect for framing your wedding cake topper and displaying them alongside other wedding memorabilia. Objects that are thicker than a sheet of paper can be accommodated in shadow box frames. Standard shadowbox wedding frames can hold items up to nearly two inches thick and can be removed at any moment. They're easy to do and a great method to display and protect wedding mementos. Instead of storing wedding souvenirs in cardboard boxes, shadow box frames allow you to exhibit them and preserve them from decay.

Most wedding shadow boxes include popular things such as:

  • Wedding cake Toppers
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Photos
  • Champagne Flutes
  • For more visual complexity and depth, add a part of your dried wedding bouquet or boutonniere to the box
  • Consider using ornamental elements such as ribbons
  • Wedding Favors

Tip: Pre-arrange your pieces in the box before gluing or pinning them down securely to ensure that the arrangement will seem cohesive. Don't be scared to declutter and get rid of things if necessary. If you have too many items to display, consider building many shadow boxes to hang as an art project on the wall.

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | CharmerryFraming The Wedding Cake Topper 

The majority of people associate frames with pictures, paintings, diplomas, and other such items. However, there is a world of custom-framed artifacts and items that one could never have imagined. How about framing your wedding cake topper? Custom framing protects the wedding cake topper and preserves memories. This makes a thoughtful present to be passed down to future generations. You can include the wedding date inside the frame or the petals from your wedding bouquet. When something is elegantly framed and meaningful, most people are considerably more likely to hang it on the wall. To attach the wedding cake topper within, you'll need a high-quality, sturdy frame. 

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry

Wedding Cake Topper In Resins Preservation

Craft resins are an excellent method to preserve paper, pictures, and other mementos. Using a resin-based solution to enhance and protect items at the same time is the latest rage in craft preservation. A wedding cake topper can be preserved using resins with a "gloss" finished. Resins can act as glue, you can use them to join crafts and give them a nice gloss. It also serves as a form of weather protection. Resins that are of good quality will not crack or scratch and will remain solid in one piece.

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | CharmerryWedding Cake Topper in Photo Album 

Consider preserving it in a photo album. Along with your wedding images, a wedding cake topper could be included in the album. It is also a fantastic method to preserve a memory from the day. Even if your wedding was years ago, you may still use these items and album keepsakes to create a beautiful album that future generations will appreciate.

Wedding Cake Topper Lamination

Your wedding cake topper can be laminated to help preserve it from spills, scratches, and dents. Laminating goods is a relatively inexpensive process. Protecting your wedding cake topper and other wedding memorabilia using Laminating Machines is essential. If we want to relive those memorable moments over again. The only disadvantage of lamination is that it can only laminate a limited number of items. The majority of these are flat and non-bulky objects.

How To Preserve a Fondant Wedding Cake Topper and How Long?

Make sure the container isn't in direct sunlight, as this may fade the colors. Your fondant decorations can survive up to four months before going bad. Fondant that has hardened is impossible to eat and should only be used for decoration.

What are some materials to use if you want to preserve your wedding cake topper and other wedding mementos?

Preserve Wedding Cake Topper | Charmerry
Preserve The Wedding Cake Topper
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Preserving your
wedding cake topper and other wedding items is essential. You'll want a way to keep all those unique memories alive once your wedding is gone. You should start thinking about it before your wedding. These are some ideas for preserving your wedding cake topper and other mementos. It will serve as a keepsake and a constant reminder of your big day for years to come. Remember that one of the most unforgettable days of your life will be your wedding. To preserve the wedding cake topper and some other items from your wedding day is a fantastic method to ensure that all of those great memories are always close at hand.

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