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You’ve waited for it, you’ve imagined it, you’ve planned it: your wedding day! The day when everything should be perfect and nothing should go wrong… but you fear for the worst and you are so worried not to miss something that you may actually forget to enjoy the day! Here are some tips that may help you put everything in order.

The most important is to choose the date, to establish a budget and to try to stick to it. Do have an available marriage license for that day!

Book in advance the church and the party site. Take your time to compare prices and offers and don’t be shy, try to negotiate.

You and your partner will want to look astonishing on your big day, but remember that the suit, the wedding dress, and the shoes should also be comfortable. And make sure you also have the rest of bride’s and bridegroom’s attire.

Check carefully the guest list and make sure that everybody’s got an invitation.

If you have some small children in your family (nieces, nephews, cousins) appoint them as flower girl and ring bearer.

Don’t forget to choose the opening dance (it would be better to practice it a bit before – everybody will be watching you). Talk with the band/DJ about what are they planning to play. The music should be as variously as possible, to meet almost everyone’s requirements. Talk to the photographer to take pictures with all your guests (not only with the family) and to catch unique and funny moments (they will make you smile latter).

The vow moment is quite emotional! Practice your vows in front of a mirror, just to make sure you won’t get nervous when the moment comes.

Choose carefully the flowers for the bride’s bouquet; they have to match with the colors of the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit.

For the final check make sure that everybody knows their schedule and appointments (the hair stylist, the photographer, the flower and catering firm, the restaurant, the church, the band, the firm that makes the decorations).

If you want to, you may give some small gifts to the guests (a picture of the lucky couple with a funny message or classical thanks for coming; a deco object; a piece from the wedding cake).

And most importantly don’t forget to smile and be happy!

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