Using the Wedding Mood Board to Make the Most of Your Wedding Notebook Planner

Wedding Mood Board | Charmerry  

💒Your wedding adventure is just beginning when you get engaged, but being thrown into a world of wedding dresses, table layouts, flower arrangements, and bridal lingerie may be daunting! Being innovative and creative is a valuable skill, but having too many ideas can be confusing. Having a wedding mood board is a great way to bring all of your ideas and plans together. Thanks to this Wedding Planner Notebook that has all the features you need to make your Wedding Planning Easier and Organized! 💒

Wedding mood Board | Charmerry

What Is A Wedding Mood Board?

A wedding mood board is a collection of photos, themes, colors, styles, and details that you find inspiring. This is a well-known visual approach to brainstorming in the design and fashion industries, and it can help you see clearly which direction you want to take your wedding planning. It's also a great method to share your thoughts with your groom, family, friends, and wedding suppliers allowing them to participate and assist you in making selections.


Advantages of Creating a Wedding Mood Board for Planning a Wedding:

  • For a variety of reasons, creating mood boards can be a useful tool in assisting in this decision-making process.
  • Mood boards are a low-cost way to try out different ideas and color schemes. They're a scaled-down version of the suggested décor plan that allows us to see which combinations work best and what our personal preferences are.
  • The most obvious benefit is that we can see how the design will look before we commit to anything, allowing us to prevent costly mistakes.
  • The process of creating the mood board can be a lot of fun because it is a creative activity. Allowing us to express our thoughts, no matter how conservative or crazy they may be. As we work through the process, fresh ideas emerge that we hadn't considered before, assisting us in creating a finished designer appearance.
Wedding Mood Board | Charmerry

How To Create a Wedding Inspiration Board for Your Wedding Theme and Decorations?

  1. Start by cutting out photographs that you like from weddings, interior design, and fashion magazines. You may quickly discover that you are drawn to a specific shade or color, or influenced by a particular style or designer.
  2. Make one or more wedding mood boards out of your photos - one for the venue, one for your bridalwear, and one for your food and drink, for example!
  3. Find images that show these passions and add them to your wedding mood boards to give a true sense of the atmosphere you're trying to create. It could be that you're most inspired by a film, song, book, or vintage era. Find images that show these passions and add them to your mood boards to give a true sense of the atmosphere you're trying to create.

What to Include In Creating a Mood Board for Honeymoon Planning?

  • Wedding Mood Board | Charmerry
    Cut out some imaged and choose a location that is suitable for both of you. This is especially true if one of you is in charge of the planning. You should choose a location that both of you will love equally, not just one with a lot of golf (that's for the grooms!).
  • Then there's the all-important factor of money. You should create a budget and stick to it. It won't do to plan a lavish honeymoon just to run out of money when shopping, would it? Furthermore, it's not a good idea to waste money. While on your honeymoon, why not pick an all-inclusive resort?
  • List out the licensed travel agencies that you want to connect with! That is the question: to go with them or not to go with them! While you're on your trip, travel agents make things a lot easier for you. Regrettably, they also charge a high cost. But there are instances when it is worth it. If you have the means, I strongly advise you to use the services of a travel agent.
  • The hotel is responsible for the entire journey. If you're planning a beach honeymoon, living in an inner-city hotel isn't going to help much, is it? What about those late-night strolls with your significant other? As a result, the hotel's location is quite significant.
  • Another essential aspect is food. Of course, the hotel's restaurant will give you a stress-free meal or two, but I believe it is far too pricey. In small, unassuming diners, sample the local cuisine!
  • Don't forget to bring your clothing! If you're traveling somewhere cold, make sure you're well-prepared with warm clothing! Look for some clothing inspirations and place them on your wedding mood board to have some inspirations on what you should wear as a couple. A lot of couples like matching stuff!
  • And finally! Don't forget to spend quality time with each other! Yes, it's amusing, but sometimes people are too preoccupied with their honeymoon to notice one other!



Lastly, document all of your wonderful wedding and honeymoon experiences. It's essential to have a nice camera (bring extra batteries!). The wedding notebook planner also has a  journal to keep track of your memories, as well as a scrapbooking folder to save tickets and other mementos.

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