Wedding Hair Accessories: Tips to Avoid Making a Mistake on Your Big Day!

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

One of the most thrilling things you'll ever do is prepare for your wedding day. As you surely well know, there are thousands of responsibilities to remember. Let's mention that many brides-to-be forget about their hairdos and their wedding hair accessories.¬†ūüĎįūüŹĽ

Wedding hair accessories can be the finishing touch! It completes your entire look. Whether your wedding is formal and you'll have your hair done in an up-do, or you're opting for a more casual or romantic look with hair cascading around your face or shoulders, or any of the other different types of wedding hairstyles in between.

Today's brides have a wide variety of wedding hair accessories to pick from. It will give you plenty of options for finding the perfect piece to complement not just your hairdo but also your dress and other accessories like jewelry. With so many options, how can you be sure which wedding hair accessories would go best with the hairstyle you've chosen for your big day, or which will compliment but not overpower your gown?

Wedding Hair Acccessories | Charmerry

Wedding Hair Accessories | CharmerryHere are some ideas to remember when shopping for Wedding hair accessories. Through  this, you'll have one less thing to worry about as you get ready for the big day:

  • As a general rule of thumb, keep your bridal hair accessories as minimal¬†
    and attractive as possible. All eyes will be on the bride throughout the day, and she should radiate a dazzling beauty that doesn't require a plethora of accessories to compete with.
  • Wedding Hair Accessories | CharmerryAlthough the popularity of hats for brides has diminished over the years, there are still a variety of styles to select from. These ranges from little and nice to tremendous and remarkable. There's also the timeless beauty of a stone-studded tiara to consider. A bun wrap is also a relatively new style of bridal hair accessory.
  • Combs and headbands, whether plain or embellished with crystals and gemstones, are more popular options. They not only give appeal to the hairstyle but also help to keep it in place all day. Choose a broader headband for a nostalgic look, while smaller bands go better with modern skirts and designs.
  • Wedding Hair Accessories | CharmerryBridal hair accessories can be distributed throughout your hairdo or strategically placed around a bun or around the crown to resemble a tiara.
  • Do you want to feel like a princess? Brides can put on a tiara or a hairband adorned with gems to create the illusion of being a bridal princess. Why not wear a crown with the veil if she wants to be queen?¬†
  • Allow nature to inspire you! For the bride's wedding, why not place a whole flower bouquet on her head? That would be very inventive.
  • Gleaming hair accessories like genuine or faux hair jewels in the shape of hair magnets, snaps, or floaters, or combs adorned with genuine or fake crystals.


ūüí° Final Tip: When it comes to Bridal hair accessories, there's nothing wrong with being classic or modern. Keep in mind that this is a special event, so take it up a level.

11 Hairstyle Tips for Brides to Have a Beautiful Bridal Hair

  1. Wedding Hair Accessories | CharmerryBe True To Yourself.  Don't go for a haircut that makes you feel uneasy. Because of "tradition," brides are frequently pushed into certain fashions. If a particular style makes you uncomfortable, avoid it. It makes no difference if your mother, best friend, or hairstylist like it; what matters is that YOU like it.
  2. Create a clear concept. Try to have a decent concept of what type of haircut you want before heading to the salon. Cut out and bring to the hairdresser photographs of your preferred haircuts from publications. Be prepared to describe exactly what you want if you can't find any photographs.
  3. Make a test run. Before your wedding day, practice with the hairstyle. Make an appointment with your hairdresser for a "practice run." You'll be glad you found out before the big day if the hairdo you envisioned doesn't look as wonderful on you as you had planned!
  4. Is it comfortable? Make sure this hairdo is comfy by walking around with it for several hours. The last thing you want is for hairpins to cause you pain and disrupt your fun.
  5. Take Pictures. Bring a Polaroid or digital camera to the "practice run" to shoot instant photos. Request that the stylist photograph you from various angles, including the rear. The images will help you visualize how the style would appear to others.
  6. Is it still sustainable? Check to see if your hairstyle hasn't gotten entirely messed up after a few hours. Move around to see if the hair stays in place. You don't want to mess up your hair during the first dance!
  7. Complementing with your Wedding Dress. Hairstyles should complement your wedding gown and headpiece. Classic haircuts match well with classic clothes. With the formal updos, non-traditional clothing may appear weird. Purchase the gown before deciding on a hairstyle. Bring your headpiece and a picture of your dress to the stylist so she can determine if the two are a suitable match. (READ MORE: Wedding Dress Inspiration and Ideas | Bridal Guide, Tips & Ideas)
  8. Keep an eye out for chemicals. Have no coloring or chemical treatments done just before the wedding - things can go wrong and there won't be time to rectify them! Make them a few weeks ahead of time.
  9. Consistency is the key. Don't make any major changes. It's not the time to dye your hair a completely different color or chop off long tresses on your wedding day. After all, you'd want people to recognize you at your wedding, wouldn't you?
  10. Maintain a reasonable tone. Make sure your hairdo isn't too showy. It shouldn't clash with your face or your outfit. You don't want to be in a scenario where your hair is the only thing people notice when they look at you.
  11. Beware of the height effect. Keep in mind that updos will make you appear taller. It could work in your favor or against you, depending on your situation. Do not do an updo if you are already higher or equal in height to the groom. Use the updo to your advantage if you're short.

Short Hair Bridal Hairstyles

  • Chignon. One of the most popular bridal hairstyles for short hair is the chignon. This hairstyle can be adorned with gold and silver wedding hair accessories to highlight your features for this special occasion. Brides with high foreheads should wear a chignon. A little crown or tiara can easily be used to enhance your appearance.
  • Bob. By choosing a bob haircut, you can achieve a traditional and charming look. This haircut radiates not just elegance and grace, but also purity and sophistication. It's a simple hairstyle that can instantly improve your appearance.
  • Pixie. Taking up a pixie-style bob can give you a terrific look. This is a stylish and modern bridal hairstyle. A veil and other wedding hair accessories can also be used to enhance the look.

Long Hair Bridal Hairstyles

  • Classic Swept Updo. The traditional sweeping up-do, for example, is a fantastic style for long hair. It's a gorgeous hairstyle that looks great on practically any face. It will also look great with any bridal gown. Particularly the long-flowing variety. Under the veil, the swept-up do also looks terrific. Not to mention the fact that traditional updos are always in style and are real head-turners.
  • Long Layered Cut. A lengthy layered cut is also an option. It looks great on both wavy and straight hair. This can be accessorized with several wedding hair accessories if desired. Use mousse to add texture, then tousle with your fingers after blow-drying for a finishing touch. A long layered cut gives you a relaxed look that's nonetheless polished.
  • The French Twist. Of course, the French twist is a classic look. It looks great with high-necked gowns and females who have hair that falls just past the shoulders. The veil should now be placed slightly further back. To achieve this, have your stylist add some height to the twist.
  • An Elegant Bun. Consider a classic bun with a pearl and gold headband, for example. The stylist can start with a ponytail or a French twist. Working from the twist, most people believe, makes forming and preserving the bun easier.

A Selection of Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding Headband for Brides Pearl Hair Vine Rhinestone 

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry


This is a delicate wedding headband that would be appropriate for a laid-back or traditional wedding, as well as a rustic, woods, or bohemian theme. It has lustrous pearls and sparkling gems in a boho leaf motif. This bridal headband would be ideal for a bride or any other special occasion. Rhinestones, imitated pearls, copper wire, and alloy, and it may be woven through the hair in any direction. A white or ivory dress looks best with rhinestone beaded twigs and flowers. This bridal headpiece is suitable for all hair lengths and will enhance your appearance. It's also bendable, so it works with every hairstyle, including down dos, half-updos, buns, and so on.

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Rhinestone Wedding Tiara

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry


This renowned beauty recalls Old World grace and courtly elegance with its colorful diamonds and drop-shaped crystals. You'll be sure to stand out with these wedding hair accessories on your wedding day! A timeless headpiece with a striking look. It has four loops at the end that you may use to secure it in your hair. There's no need to be concerned while dancing on your special day! 

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Crystal Beads Bridal Hair Vine Wedding Head Piece 

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Handcrafted with exquisite crystals, fake pearls, and copper wire of the highest quality. Its wire is distinct from other wires, and it can be stored for a long time. It's a unique wedding hair accessory that can be used to spruce up any hairdo and will go with even the most conservative outfit. It has a stunning art deco pattern that is ideal for a vintage bride planning a 1920's wedding or a Great Gatsby or Downton Abbey-themed wedding party.

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Wedding Pearl Hair Pins Brides Bridal Rhinestones

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Pearl hairpins are suitable wedding hair accessories for the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls. Handmade hair pins are great for a variety of hairstyles. With those pearl headpieces, you will receive numerous compliments. It's a great addition to any hairstyle, including short hair, long curly hair, and solid hairpins that will fall out of your hair. It is also simple to remove without pain or strain. 

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry

Wedding Hair Accessories | Charmerry


Wedding hair accessories can give glitz and glam to even the most elegant bride. When it comes to selecting the appropriate bridal hair accessory, you must pay attention. The last piece of advice is to keep things uncomplicated. You might easily spoil your entire look if you try to accessorize your hair with too many wedding hair accessories. It's best to keep things simple and elegant at the same time. Look for something that will complement your gown and any other jewelry you may be wearing. Assist your wedding hair accessories in becoming an important element of your overall wedding look!

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