How Wedding Budget Planning Will Help You Achieve Your Wedding Goals

Wedding Budget Planning | Charmerry  

A wedding can be one of the most expensive events in a couple's life. That is why, when you first begin planning, you must create a budget. Even more importantly, the budget must account for all possible expenses, including minor ones. It is critical, especially in these difficult economic times, to save where you can and not spend more on your wedding than you can afford. You don't want to start your married life in debt because you didn't budget properly for your wedding costs. Where do I begin with all of the various bills and expenses associated with a wedding?

Where To Start In Wedding Budget Planning?

Begin planning your budget by imagining the type of wedding you want. 

  • What is the approximate number of people you would like to invite? Is the wedding a local or a destination experience? 
  • Where would you like the ceremony and reception to take place? 

In general, the reception is one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding. Begin by calling a few places and asking for an estimate on the price per person and other costs associated with holding a reception at their location. You can estimate how much the reception will cost if you have a few options to choose from and an idea of how many people you want to invite to the wedding.

Wedding Budget Planning | Charmerry

What Is Included In the Wedding Budget Planning?

There are no such things as too many details in a budget. Begin by making a list of standard items. A basic wedding planning checklist and timeline are available for free to guide couples all the way! A wedding notebook planner is also available to track your overall budget for each item. Sign up for a free online wedding planning checklist if you want to take your wedding planning to the next level. There is a wedding notebook planner that can assist you in sticking to your budget. They will provide you with a list of items to begin with, as well as a wedding budget tracker for each item based on your overall budget. This should allow you to compare your wedding budget to the actual amounts spent.


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Wedding Tips: How to Plan Your Wedding Budget for the Best Results

Reception and Catering. This is most likely the most costly part of your wedding. You should probably set aside half of your budget for this. This could be less, depending on what you're willing to give up. Expect to pay a lot if you have your wedding on a golf course. A church basement will be much less expensive. Your catering bill will be in the thousands of dollars. In most cases, this is priced per guest.

Flowers. This is likely to cost several hundred to thousands of dollars. You can save money by limiting the number of flowers you use and only use those that are in season. If you have access to them, you can also use flowers that you have grown yourself.

Dress. A dress can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars or more, depending on where you go.

Cake. A good cake baker will set you back at least a few hundred dollars.

Photographer. Again, this is something that can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars (if you use a friend's services) to several thousand dollars. Some people prefer to spend more money because they will keep the photographs for the rest of their lives.

This is only a basic outline of how to budget for a wedding. You can spend more money on the aspects of planning that are most important to you and less on the aspects that aren't as important. There are also small costs to consider, such as favors, a guestbook, and centerpieces. Sign up for a Free Wedding Checklist and Timeline to keep track of even the smallest details of your wedding planning!

Wedding Budget Planning | Charmerry 

The most important aspect of wedding budget planning is that it should not be overlooked. A wedding planner notebook with a budget tracker will help you keep track of your expenses and ensure that everything you need for your wedding budget is listed. The advantage of this wedding notebook planner is that it is portable and can accompany you to all supplier meetings.


Wedding Budget Planning | Charmerry

Look for a budget workbook. Stick to your spending plan. Situations will arise, as they will with any other event, that will cause doubt or second-guessing. Don't you realize how important it is to plan your wedding budget? Please let us know if there are any important details that we missed.

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