Entertain The Guests With Fun Wedding Games That They Will Enjoy!

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Fun wedding games at your wedding reception bring together young and old, strangers and friends. With games, your guests will have a better time. The entire reception will be more relaxed and entertaining. There will be guests who are familiar but have not been properly introduced. Family members who have not seen each other in a long time, new babies, and friends. Plan to use these fun wedding reception games to help everyone meet and encourage conversations. 🎉

The Following Are Some Of The Reasons Why There Should Be Fun Wedding Games At The Reception:

  1. Entertain guests while waiting for Bride and Groom.
  2. Introduce all of the wedding guests to one another.
  3. Encourage guest participation and conversation.
  4. Relaxation should be the goal.
  5. Make all of your guests feel welcome at the reception.
  6. Allow children to participate by making them feel welcome.
  7. Have a great time.

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Active and Fun Wedding Games That All of Your Guests Can Participate 

Find The Bride

Fun Wedding Games | Charmerry

The Wedding host is assigned to ask the groom to be blindfolded in this game. The host will then ask a few women, including the bride, to come to the front of the stage, line up in a row, and extend their left or right hand. The groom will then feel each woman's hand and guess as to which is his wife's hand. The host will punish the groom in front of his guests if he gets it wrong. Make him do 20 push-ups, for example. You can also play this game backward by blindfolding the bride and asking her to guess which hand belongs to her husband.

Bring Me

Fun Wedding Games | Charmerry

Before the game, the Host will have prepared a list of "what a person wears or looks like." Everyone takes a seat at their table and waits for the host to speak. The host might say, for example, that he is looking for people who dress in blue. All of the blue-clad individuals will rush to the front of the room, toward the host. A prize will be awarded to the first person to arrive. You can think of any things that can be easy or difficult for the guest to bring. 

Musical Legs

With men as the chairs, it is another entertaining fun wedding reception game. The men form a line and kneel on one knee. While music plays in the background, the women begin walking around the men. The women must find a knee to sit on when the music stops. Players are eliminated when either the men or the women fall when the woman sits on his knee. The last woman and man standing who hasn't fallen are the winner.

Guess the Song Per Table

The wedding band singer will perform a song, and one representative from each table will raise his or her hand to respond on behalf of the group. Any prize will do. 

The Shoe Game

Fun Wedding Game | Charmerry

This wedding reception game goes like this. The couple sits back to back and exchanges one shoe, so that each of them has one of their own and one of their partner's. A series of questions will be read out by the game host, such as "Who is the better cook?" ", and the couple must decide (by raising the shoe of the person they choose) without knowing who the other has chosen. Both the guests and the couple enjoy this game, which often generates a lot of laughter.

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Organizing a fun wedding games is a great way to get people involved and make them feel like they are truly a part of the big event. If you want to loosen people up before a long night of celebrating, it's also a good way to pass the time. Fun reception games work for any group, whether it's a small or large wedding. Furthermore, don't assume that these fun wedding games will offend or upset your guests. Guests enjoy being more active and having fun with the wedding reception games.

Is there anything on the list that we missed? What are some fun wedding reception games that you think should be played? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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