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If you are not familiar with what a honeymoon registry is, you should be!

Today, many couples are already living together prior to getting married. For some, it may be a second marriage. As a result, the need for the usual household items as wedding gifts often does not exist.

The natural solution to the wedding “gift giving” dilemma is the popular and growing trend toward honeymoon registries.

It’s perfect! You get a great honeymoon and your guests can feel good about giving you a gift that they know you really wanted. Something personal and meaningful.

A honeymoon registry is very similar to the usual gift registry. The difference being that instead of getting pieces of crystal or china as gifts, you will get “pieces” of your honeymoon. What a wonderful idea! (Read More: Wedding Favors Guide - Unique & Personalized Wedding Gifts for Guests).

When you join a honeymoon registry, your chosen destination package is broken down into affordable “pieces” and listed just like a normal gift registry. The airfare may be broken into several smaller pieces. Each meal or activity you choose will be listed. Your guests can then search your registry and purchase a desired piece of your honeymoon for you.

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There are many honeymoon registries to choose from but all are not created equal.

A good registry will…

1. be simple to use. Remember, not all of your guests are computer savvy.

2. provide both email and postcard notification of your registry to your guests. Not everyone has a computer and postcards are just more personal.

3. provide your guests with a visual and physical accounting of their purchase. A gift card to present to the bride and groom as well as a receipt for their own purposes is required.

4. have exceptional, personal, customer service complete with a 1-800 number so that guests may contact them with any questions they may have.

5. have a proven track record and specialize in honeymoon registry service and travel.

6. be bonded to ensure protection of the money in your registry account.

7. pay out your collected honeymoon funds in a timely manner.

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Call them. Talk with them. Make sure you are completely comfortable with your choice before committing.

As a polite gesture on your part, take pictures of your “gifts” while on your honeymoon. The guests who contributed to your happiness will appreciate a picture in your thank you card!

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