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How Diamonds Are Valued   Diamond Valuation Guide Charmerry

There are four Cs in determining the valuation of a diamond:

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight.

  1. CUT: Judging the cut of a diamond refers to the pricing of a diamond in accordance with how that diamond is sculpted and shaped to allow for maximum shine and a heightened ability to reflect light. Cut can be difficult for a layperson to evaluate, so it is important to get your diamond professionally appraised and to obtain an AGS or GIA Certificate to verify the quality of the cut. A diamonds cut can also affect its durability. 

  2. COLOR: If you are shopping for a diamond wedding ring or a diamond engagement ring, then it is important that you pay close attention to the value of a diamond's color. A Diamonds ability to refract light is dependent on its degree of whiteness, making the whitest of white diamonds considerably more valuable than there lesser-white counterparts. Many experts name color as the number one criterion to consider when purchasing a special diamond for a special occasion.

  3. CLARITY: Real diamonds generally tend to have small flaws such as tiny inclusions, air bubbles, or traces of other minerals inside the stone. While the presence of these tiny imperfections become the key factor in determining a real diamond from a fake, the quality and value of a diamond depends very much on a diamond's clarity. The best kinds of real diamonds have imperfections that can only be detected under a skilled diamond graders 10-power microscope.

  4. CARAT WEIGHT: The carat is the common unit weight measurement for diamonds, where one carat is equal to 200 milligrams and 142 carats equal one ounce. The bigger the rock, the more carats it has, and the more carats it has, the more expensive it becomes. Many feel that the size of the diamond is just as important as the other C criterion.


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