How to Make Your Greeting Cards Extra Special for Any Occasions

Greeting Cards are one of the classic means of getting in touch with our loved ones. Sharing sentiments like love, congratulations, condolences, and gratitude are somehow expressed through cards. A card sent by postal mail will mean a lot to anyone even though we live in a world run by digital contact. It's the younger people and millennials who have kept the industry alive. They buy fancier specialty cards, often with personal touches.

Why do we send greeting cards?

  • It keeps you connected with those you don't get to see too much. Particularly during holidays, greeting cards are only given once a year. 
  • When you open a greeting card, there is a certain sense of joy.
  • The emotional effect of receiving a handwritten letter or card is stronger. It makes people feel much more special and cared for than receiving emails or text messages.
  • We are all stuck due to the pandemic. It may even be sweet to reward them with a random card to let them know that you are thinking about them.
  • A greeting card helps one person to communicate their wishes and feelings to another. An undisputed, all-powerful form of expression is the combination of images and personal hand-written words. ( Related Read: Christmas Gift Guide )

What are the types of Greeting Cards?

  • Anniversary Card
  • Birthday Card
  • Christening Card
  • Congratulations Card
  • Engagement Card
  • Father's Day Card
  • Get Well Soon Card
  • Graduation Card
  • Love Card
  • New Baby Card
  • New Job Card
  • Retirement Card
  • Sympathy Card
  • Thinking of You Card
  • Valentines Day Card
  • Baby Shower Card
  • Bon Voyage Card
  • Christmas Card
  • Easter Card
  • Farewell Card
  • Friendship Card
  • Good Luck Card
  • Halloween Card
  • Mother's Day Card
  • New Home Card
  • New Year Card
  • Sorry Card
  • School Card
  • Teacher Card
  • Wedding Card

How to Make your Greeting Cards Extra Special?

Begin by Writing on How the Actions of the Receiver Made You Feel

It's important to compose a few phrases that affect us together. A greeting card is a perfect choice for sharing your emotions. Only let your thoughts flow while you are writing. Whenever you talk to someone, you don't stop thinking about what you're going to say next, you just talk. The same thing when writing. 

Select the Most Important Photos

There are images of moments you have spent together. If you have a long-standing friendship with the person or with your special someone. A picture will trigger memories of good times spent together and make the card even more special. Nothing tells a story like a photo—other than a few videos, of course. A friend may have embraced you through a difficult period in your life. A colleague who assisted you at work. Emotion is often added when using photos to express your appreciation.

Include a Few Valuable Souvenirs.

Most individuals hold intimate memories of memorable occasions. If you have saved some things such as a movie, concert ticket, or a winning stub, you can add this to your greeting cards! It will make an impact on them.

Make your Greeting Card Extra Entertaining with Your Creativity

A creative greeting card explains that you put effort into it.  It is always a perfect way to remind them that you care. Whether you have the chance to talk and catch up with your friends and family using social media.  

You can “tuck-in” a  Mini Gift 

You can enclose a mini gift as a symbol of your appreciation to the recipient. An example of which is a friendship bracelet or even a thank you keychain. Whatever item that you think he/she will value. Something that is small but would make them think about you whenever they see it. 

Add some Goodies Too!

Food Brings Together. Try tucking in his/her favorite goodies or snack bar that the person enjoys. 

Personalized DIY Greeting cards will make that person “extra” Happy

If you want to be extra, you can create your greeting card with your theme. This way, you will be more appreciated because of the time and effort that you lend to the card. I’m sure the receiver will love it!

Here are some greeting card ideas for any occasions that you can buy online:


Your card would be set apart from the others by including any one or more of these things. The commitment you put into making them realize how special they are to you. The trick to personalizing your card is to do it well in advance of the event or day where it motivates you to compose. Greeting cards are time-tested and accepted by generations. It appears to be one of the go-to ways that people want to express themselves. You can never go wrong with these greeting cards for any occasion!

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