Amazing Engagement Party Ideas & Planning Tips That You Can Host In Your Own Backyard!

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If you've recently become engaged, you may be looking for engagement party ideas for the celebration you want to throw. Where do you start then? The first thought would be when to throw the party, who will hosts and/or pays for it, where to throw it, and who to invite. While engagement parties aren't required, and not all couples choose to have one, they're a terrific way for the couple's families to meet and for the bridal party to get to know each other before the rehearsal. 💍

There are numerous options for how you might like to commemorate your engagement. You may also look up amazing engagement party ideas on the internet. Why not throw an outdoor engagement party if you're on a budget? You'll be surprised to discover that you don't need to spend a lot of money on an Engagement Party with these outdoor engagement ideas!

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

When is the best time for a couple to throw an Engagement Party?

These kinds of events are often done when a couple has been engaged for a long time, usually at least a year before the wedding date," says the author. The celebrations take place approximately three months after the couple becomes engaged and no later than six months before the wedding. Trying to come up with engagement party ideas while organizing a wedding would be strange, to say the least, and nerve-wracking.

Who is the event's host?

The bride's parents traditionally plan and host the celebration, but with so many couples marrying later in life or having lived away from their parents for a long period, the couple can always host the engagement party themselves.

Engagement Party Ideas & Planning Tips

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

💎 Inform your family and friends. You should inform your parents of your decision as soon as possible, preferably in person. It's time for them to share your happiness and this joyous occasion. After that, you can share it with your close friends and family.

💎 Choosing a favorable date and location to make the announcement. Choosing the date for your engagement party is a crucial element of your engagement party preparation; it can be simple but difficult. You should plan it at least six months before your wedding so that the celebrations are close enough for friends and family to remember, but not too close so that you don't become stressed out working on two major life events at the same time.

There are so many options for your party location! It may be a simple and intimate gathering at home, a particular nook at your favorite restaurant, a private room at your favorite restaurant, or a seaside barbeque.

💎 Have a backup or contingency plan in place for outdoor activities. Check the weather forecast if you're arranging an outdoor engagement party. Choose an outdoor BBQ or picnic spot where you may collect your small company at 11 p.m. and continue the party in a protected bar or restaurant.

💎 Games to play at your engagement party. Incorporate a few games and fantastic party music into your engagement party planning. Include some ice breaker activities so that everyone, especially the families and friends of both sides who will be meeting for the first time at your engagement party, can get to know one another.

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry💎 Food preparations for the engagement party. There are numerous things that people complain about at wedding and engagement parties, but the party cuisine is regrettably at the top of the list. Food is an essential aspect of your engagement party preparations, and it should be prioritized. If you're organizing a potluck, make sure to coordinate everyone's food so you don't end up with two beef goulashes, three apple pies, and five salads! Don't worry if you don't want to be the best cook in town. Simply leave the meal provision and setting to the restaurant or beach resort club. Instead of trying to make a storm in the kitchen, relax and get to know his or her uncle Joe and aunt June.

💎 Videography and photography. Even though this is not the wedding day, a photograph is worth a thousand words and can be kept for a long time. Depending on your budget, you can either have your friends and family snap photos and videotape your important moments, or hire a professional to perform both photography and videotaping for both occasions (your engagement and wedding).

💎 What to wear to an Engagement Party. You don't want to wear anything identical to your wedding gown. Colors, sophisticated casuals for the beach and outdoors, and evening gowns for a glamorous night out should all be considered. Ultimately, it is determined by the topic of your engagement party. Some people like the "free and easy for all" approach, where there is no bother and the attention is solely on the happy couple.

💎 Request additional the services of your closest friends to serve as maid of honor and best man. What better opportunity to invite your best buddy and friends to be maid of honor and best man? I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to be a part of the group. Invite family and friends to bring photos. You can request images shot with you or your significant other in the past from childhood friends and family. You may then create a slide show or a little picture exhibition panel for your wedding day using a montage of events based on the dates (or guesses).

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Locations and Themes for Engagement Parties

The location of your engagement party is determined by the type of theme you've chosen. If you're holding a basic and casual backyard BBQ or pool party and have the space at your house or your parents' place, this is a cost-effective option. The possibilities are practically limitless. Consider what you would do for any other type of party and how formal or casual you want the party to be to come up with more engagement party ideas. You may also need to consider your budget. It will have a significant impact on how the party is arranged.

A Selection of Themes for your Engagement Party Ideas:

A backyard engagement party is a great way to keep things casual. And believe me, there are numerous ways to make it extra special by just holding it in your backyard. We've put together a list of the greatest casual engagement party ideas. All you need is a beautiful lawn.

Engagement Party Ideas | CharmerryBBQ Themed Party

Bring together loved ones to celebrate with an "I Do BBQ" whether you have a backyard appropriate for entertaining (or a friend is willing to lend their patio). Set up a picnic-style feast with classic homestyle meals and hang romantic string lights throughout the venue. For a proper outdoor party, incorporate entertaining lawn activities like cornhole or Bocce ball.

Backyard Fire Pit

Set up a few tents and invite friends and family to celebrate an engagement with a camping trip in your garden. Build a bonfire and cook hot dogs and s'mores while telling stories and taking in the scenery.

Engagement Party Ideas | CharmerryLet's Have Brunch!

There's no need to stick to a specific engagement party theme if it doesn't suit the couple's preferences. Brunch (bottomless or with specialty-themed brunch beverages) is a tried-and-true way to gather loved ones together in celebration. Make a brunch reservation at your favorite brunch location and toast the start of a new relationship milestone with mimosas.

Average Engagement Party Nacho

A nacho-themed engagement party will make the pair as happy as can be, especially if they adore Taco Tuesday almost as much as they love each other. Build a menu featuring nachos, tacos, quesadillas, chips and guac, and a make-your-own margarita bar to keep people entertained. Organize a taco truck for late-night munching requirements, or take it to the next level.

Engagement Party Ideas | CharmerrySay it with cheese.

In the greatest conceivable manner, this engagement party concept is cheesy. Offer an outstanding charcuterie display instead of a dessert table for the pair who prefers savory over sweet. Set up a photo booth for visitors to show off their cheesy smiles, and use the images as a guest book to remember the fun night.

Food for the Gathering

You have a variety of alternatives for feeding your guests, ranging from having the event catered to asking all of your guests to bring a main or side dish and feeding yourself. Your menu will, once again, be heavily influenced by the location of your gathering. You won't have to worry about the food if you're having a semi-formal dinner party because the restaurant will handle it or you'll have it provided.

At the same time, if you're throwing the party at your home or renting a park pavilion, a local caterer may be able to transport and set up your food for you before your guests arrive.

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Engagement Cake Toppers 

Another engagement party idea is the Cake and the Engagement wedding cake topper. Without a cake, no celebration is complete. You'll also recognize that the right cake topper can make or break a cake. Cake toppers are available in a range of styles to suit any occasion or taste. When planning your engagement celebration, keep the following tips in mind when choosing the perfect cake toppers!


Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Cake Topper Ideas | Charmerry

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry


Aim for a simple topper that is either lovely or informative for elegance or simplicity. A bouquet of flowers or anything colorful could make a lovely engagement cake topper. The engagement or wedding year, the couple's name, a framed photo, or an engagement greeting are all examples of informational topper ideas. With a touch of color or gems, a topper made of good quality metal, glass, or acrylic can be pretty attractive. Consider toppers that tell a story for a more enjoyable or personalized engagement cake. A specific passion or pastime could be displayed through a cake topper as well. There are many ways to preserve your cake topper to remember every occasion. That is why, Pick the Best Cake Topper!

Engagement Party Ideas | Charmerry


Make sure the entertainment you choose is appropriate for the tone and theme of the party, so choose something that appeals to your tastes and makes you feel at ease. When it comes to engagement party ideas, everything goes these days, so let your creativity run wild and create a memorable event for both you and your guests. Just remember to make it a positive and enjoyable experience, and most importantly, have fun!

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