Threshold Wedding Cake Topper With Groom Holding Bride | Funny, Sexy, Humorous Figurine - CHARMERRY

Threshold Wedding Cake Topper With Groom Holding Bride | Funny, Sexy, Humorous Figurine

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Wedding Collectibles Funny Sexy Over the Threshold Wedding Cake Topper with Bride and Groom | Fun, Sexy, Humorous Figurine | Groom Holding Bride | Fine Porcelain | 5.5 Inches

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

Color: Natural


  • Wonderful Keepsake – A great memento for new married couples, this is one more way you can have your wedding and special moment stand out.
  • Hilarious Over the Threshold Bride/Groom Combo – This fun groom is holding his soon-to-be bride and giving a big kiss.
  • Size: H 5.5" - W 0.25 lbs - Base Diameter: 2" 
  • Ideal Cake Topper Size - The bride and her groom are lightweight and sized to fit all cakes
  • Material: Made of Fine Porcelain - Crystal Wedding Ring on Bride
  • Order with Custom Hair Color here:
  • Occasion: Wedding, Christmas, Dating Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday Celebration, Mothers / Fathers Day, Hanukkah, Engagement, and Bridal Shower
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Add a little sassy fun and excitement to your wedding cake with a sexy Over the Threshold cake topper by Wedding Collectibles.

Make it a Memorable Event Are you different than most couples? Looking to put a little fun and sexiness into your cake topper? Hand-painted cake topper made of beautiful porcelain that’s funny, adorable, and shows you there’s a lot more to your marriage than people will ever know! Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Bachelorette Parties.  This one-of-a-kind cake topper looks great on all your party and event cakes surrounding your big day, and it also makes for a wonderful keepsake that you’ll remember forever. Don’t be like everyone else and do the traditional hearts, holding hands, or taking vows; get the sexy bride and groom and put a smile on your friends’ and families’ faces. 

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.2 x 3.3 inches

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