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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers - Wooden Mr. and Mrs. | Personalized Wedding Gifts

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Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers, Wooden Cake Toppers, Mr. Mrs. Custom Wedding Cake Toppers To Be Bride & Groom

Brand: JunkJewelry

Color: Plain Wood

  • Material: Laser cut out of 1/8" premium birch wood
  • Size: 6" round top tier standard cake and the topper's size is roughly 6" by 6" but size can vary slightly depending on the last name.
  • Color: Black, White, Gold, Silver, or Natural Wood. When ordering please choose one of the following colors from the drop-down menu
  • Occasion: Christmas, Dating Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday Celebration, Mothers / Fathers Day, Hanukkah, Engagement, and Bridal Shower
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Wedding Cake Toppers | Wedding Gifts - Charmerry