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It has now become very popular in many countries around the world to hire a magician during wedding receptions, simply because the magician offers a unique type of entertainment during the reception. Hiring the right wedding magician to entertain the guests at a wedding will bring enjoyment and fun and turn the event into a fantastic day to remember. It is possible for the magician to provide unique and magical experiences to each and every guest during his performances at the wedding. The magic provided by the magician is usually Close Up Magic, a very popular kind of magic performance.

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This is the kind of magic that is witnessed from extremely close quarters, in fact as close as one can get. Actually, most of this kind of magic happens in the guests’ hands, as the magician mingles with guests, leaving a remarkably unique experience. This, in turn, will mark your occasion as a very memorable one for all those who are invited. But knowing when and how to hire a magician for your special day does require a little planning and essentially one must acquire the best option available. The following are a few tips you may use.

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The magician needs to be professional and have several years of first-hand experience performing. He must also be in a position to offer a wide choice of close up magic and must be willing to guide you to make your day very successful indeed and memorable for many years after. It would be good advice to suggest finding out whether or not the magician is a member of any sort of recognized magician’s association, such as the Magic Circle or The International Brotherhood of Magicians. This is very important since world-renowned associations such as those mentioned above require that each member auditions before a panel of judges in order to be admitted as full members. This assures you that the magician is of standard and of good ethical conduct. There are many magicians to choose from and each offers their price and choice of services from which to choose from. As in most cases, quantity does not equal quality and one must take care in trying to obtain the best according to the available budget. (Read More: Wedding Ideas, Tips, Planning & Inspiration - Engagement Wedding Guide)

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The two most popular forms of wedding magic offered are stand up or strolling close up magic or table magic, although several other options may be offered. In either case, the magician usually provides a special effect exclusively for the Bride and groom and the top table if the wedding reception is a seated banquet. Since this article concentrates mainly on the two styles of magic mentioned above I will now break them down for the reader to understand clearly. During stand up receptions, the magician strolls and mingles with guests whilst providing close up magic that is interactive and that will keep the guests involved at all moments whereas if the reception is a seated type of event, such as a lunch or dinner, the magician entertains the guests at their table (moving from table to table) or may even provide his audience with a short close up magic show or a long series of magic effects if the table is arranged as a one long table. The magician may also be requested to provide magic during photo shoots for those present and awaiting their turn to have a photo taken with the newly weds. In some cases, magicians are known to have been hired to entertain the children present for the wedding.

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It is normal for a magician to be booked for between two to three hours during wedding receptions, but there are times where the magician is requested to remain longer or shorter periods. So if you are planning a wedding, do consider a magician as a top priority during the reception. His presence turns dull moments into moments of laughter, joy, excitement, amazement and entertaining fun. Your wedding will be marked very memorable in the minds of all your guests and those who were directly involved with any of the magic provided by the magician will relive the experience by passing down the story to others who were not present.


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