Wedding Gifts & Unique Wedding Presents [Wedding Guide, Tips & Ideas]

Wedding Gifts & Unique Wedding Presents [Wedding Guide, Tips & Ideas] CHARMERRY

Here we go again where tradition kicks in when buying gifts well it’s time for a change. Common presents received at weddings are toasters, crockery etc and you can be sure of two of the same gadget given at most weddings.
Giving of gifts is a tradition that will go on forever and heaven forbid should that stop then there would be no reason why we would want guests at the ceremony (Joke)

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Unique wedding gift donations will always hold fond memories for the married couple. Presents are a symbol of remembrance so make sure with what contribution you give that they get to remember you in a way that you want them to.

Several unique gift ideas listed below that will certainly make you unforgettable.


Women absolutely love and adore ornate trinkets so no exception for the bride. To be on the receiving end of a unique wedding gift in the form of a piece of warm gold/cool silver is enough to make any wedding day special. Jewelry like pendants, brooch pins, earrings, hairpins, chains, necklaces makes elegant gifts. His and her matching watches make fabulous gifts also. Depending on your budget and what the happy couple means to you then diamond studded it is.


Another sure way of pleasing the bride is with a soft leather/suede handbag and a briefcase for the groom. Little tokens placed inside will add more excitement when opened. Cosmetic pouch for the bride and maybe a gold plated pen set for the groom.
Small gifts make great presents and mean as much like perfumes/scents and aftershave for the male taking the plunge. Just make sure not to offend by giving deodorant, we don’t want to send out the wrong signals.

Gift ideas for the groom

Fantastic ideas worth considering for the groom is a pocket watch personalized and engraved, tiepins or precious stone studded cufflinks. If you happen to know the groom and his likes and dislikes then even better. If music is his thing then give guitar/drums whatever. WARNING, do not give before the wedding we need him to turn up on the day and heaven forbid if his love of golf is stronger then this gift is to be given after the marriage has been consummated.


Ideal wedding gifts are pieces of art like paintings/sculptures. This again will need some intimate knowledge on the couple and what their preferences are in this department


Personalized items

Personal items given as gifts are sure to go down well like photo albums, pillows, guilt edged photo frames. Companies that specialize in personalizing different things are in abundance.

Why not consider at a later date sending them on their first holiday or weekend break. Wedding gifts symbolize remembrance of the donor. If you really want to leave your mark that is guaranteed an unforgettable gift then it is a gold locket with a picture of you inside. (It’s worth a try)

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