Wedding Flowers & Bouquet Ideas [ Engagement & Wedding Tips & Guides ]

Wedding Flowers & Bouquet Ideas [Engagement & Wedding Tips & Guides]

When you book your wedding venue whether it be a church or registry office, garden flowers are usually purchased to be there at your wedding. These are may be one of the most expensive things for the wedding after the dress and the cake, believe it or not, the marriage license isn't that big a fee. Usually where you are getting married is covered in beautiful flowers to set the mood, although if you have it in a garden than the flowers are already there, so you don't really need to worry about that, you just have to worry about the rain!

Not only does the hall or church have to be decorated in flowers, usually the bride carries a bouquet and so do the bridesmaids and flower girls. The general tip is to get flowers that match the theme and color of the dresses. If the theme is Christmas than red and green should be the colors that you are interested in, or if it is valentines day than red flowers. If you really want a stunning bouquet for the bride very light colors will accentuate her dress and her beauty taking very little attention of her but still giving her the elegant classy look. (Read More: Wedding Ideas, Tips & Inspiration for Brides [Bridal Guide]).

Often at the reception parents are given a bunch of flowers in a presentation such as a basket, or large bouquet for a large thank you for all the work that they have done with the wedding and a thank you for just being there for them when they needed them most. Other special players in the wedding usually receive gifts as well and all the guests take home wedding favors.

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Instead of purchasing floral arrangements, to make things cheaper and more personal you could always make your flower arrangements yourself. Your local library and book shop will have plenty of flower arranging books so you are sure to find something somewhere that will help you to choose a good pattern of colors and styles to suit your wedding. Creating your own arrangement adds that unique touch to your wedding and saves you money at the same time.

Wedding flowers are at a wedding to help present the venue in a light mood, flowers are there for decoration, but be warned if hay fever bothers you…. stay away!!!

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