Wedding Bands | Wedding Ring Ideas & Advice

Wedding Bands | Wedding Ring Ideas & Advice

They are the sign of eternal love and their endless circle symbolizes a never-ending bond. Wedding bands are most commonly made of precious metals, including gold or silver. Wedding bands are worn on the ring finger of the left hand because, as rumor has it, the left hand is closer to the heart.

Although a plain yellow gold wedding band is the most popular, wedding bands are designed in a variety of various gold colors and designs. Some feature diamonds while others are done in solid white or rose gold. For the newlyweds on a budget, or for those who simply do not want to spend a fortune on jewelry, sterling silver wedding bands may be the economical choice.

So, just what is the difference between gold and sterling silver if they are both precious metals? Gold is a metal that is designed to last a lifetime with very little maintenance and never tarnishes. Sterling silver, also classified as a precious metal, is also designed to last but will require frequent polishing in order to maintain its shine. Sterling silver is much more affordable than gold but is so because of the regular maintenance required. If left unpolished, sterling silver will lose its luster when exposed to light or the open air for lengthy periods.

When selecting wedding bands, it is very important that both the bride and groom be fitted to ensure the proper ring size. It is also important to note that various ring types may fit differently depending upon the band width. Wedding bands that are slim in their design will fit more true to size than one with a thicker width. Rings that are wide or especially thick will fit more snugly and often requires that the wearer move up to the next size.

During a customary American wedding ceremony, wedding bands are exchanged immediately following the wedding vows. It is expected that the groom place the wedding band on the ring finger of the bride and the bride does the same for the groom.

A final thought to consider when selecting wedding bands is to make sure that it is a design that both the bride and groom are happy with because these rings will be with them for many years to come. If the couple does their research, wedding bands can be found at a very affordable price. Jewelry store sales, internet specialty shops, and online auctions are just a few of the ways that the newlywed couple can find a terrific deal on wedding bands and use the money that they saved to help plan the perfect honeymoon.

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