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What could be the perfect summer wedding dress? Many couples are now arranging weddings with a summer theme. You'll need the right summer wedding dress whether you're getting married on the beach, in a park, in a garden, or a church. Summer and beach-themed fashion have changed dramatically throughout the years. A modest white dress to an alluring and fun floral dress are all options.

Your summer wedding dress would depend on what theme you would choose. What are some of the best wedding gown colors? Deciding on a wedding gown color might be difficult. In this post, you will learn about various colors and when they look best.

What are Summer Wedding Colors that are  Appropriate for a Summer Wedding?

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Colors for a Beach Theme.  A turquoise blue  with  cream secondary color will create an exquisite yet relaxed beach vibe. A brighter and marine color atmosphere can be achieved by using a pale champagne color as the primary color. With touches of blues and greens.

Tropical Wedding Theme Colors. The most common colors for tropical flowers are bright yellows, oranges, reds, and hot pinks. 

Formal Summer Colors. Midnight blue is the primary hue and complements it with white, silver, or a mild grey for a summer wedding. A very deep and dark purple as the main hue with hints of white or cream is an excellent design for a stronger, yet still formal approach.

Color Schemes For A Garden Wedding. You'll need to work with the colors of the flowers currently present in the garden and select colors that complement them. If the garden flowers at the venue are a variety of hues, utilize cream, white, or champagne to accent them without overpowering them.


You can get the perfect look for your summer wedding dress regardless of your budget. Here is some Summer Wedding Bridal Gown Tips:

  • Summer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry

    Choose lightweight fabric for your summer wedding dress. You don't want to be heated and bothered during the wedding. Crepe, chiffon, cotton eyelet, and organza are all good choices. During the warmest summer days, air can move through these.

  • For summer-themed weddings, you don't have to wear a white bridal gown for your summer wedding dress. You don't want to pick something too boring now. Especially if you're having your wedding indoors or in the evening rather than the afternoon. 
  • In summer lighting, an excessively pale dress will not appear as good. To  put it another way, pick something light but bold enough to stand out.
  • A longer wedding gown is appropriate if you're getting married in a garden or indoors. If you're getting married on the beach, you won't want to wear a full-length gown. Wear something that flatters your figure in terms of cut. Consider the dress's length and style. 
  • Beach weddings aren't as formal as church weddings. You can go for a more relaxed look in terms of your summer wedding dress. A basic, casual gown can be just as elegant as a formal gown. Sleek and strapless gowns radiate a sense of modernity and sophistication. 
  • The last point to consider is the accessories. Consider the terrain before selecting shoes. You won't be wearing high heels to a seaside wedding. To go with your summer wedding dress, choose a pair of comfortable bridal sandals. For a garden wedding, flats are a terrific option.
Summer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Combinations Right Now For A Summer Wedding Dresses?

  • Yellow/coral/pale pink
  • Periwinkle/brown/pale pink
  • Turquoise/cream/light brown
  • Navy/aqua/pale yellow
  • Violet/cream/mint

Choose a summer wedding dress that is both light and stylish. After all, you don't want to be a bride who is hot and bothered on her wedding day! Choose a gown with sleeveless and a simple skirt. This will keep you calm and collected throughout your summer wedding festivities.

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What Colors Should Your Bridesmaid Dresses Be for Your Summer Wedding?

Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerryFirst and foremost, it should complement the color of a bridal gown. The bridal gown color should be considered, and the bridesmaid dress color has no restrictions in this scenario. In the summer, you might want a different style and opt for colors like champagne, crimson, and blue. The color of the bridesmaid dresses should be given more consideration. If the hue is the same as your bridal gown, go for a lighter tint.

Beach Wedding or Garden Wedding. You have the option of having your wedding in green, blue, or white. Colors like hunter green, aqua, tiffany blue, turquoise, coral, and white are great choices for bridesmaid dresses. 

Romantic Theme. Pink, lavender, or champagne could be prominent in your wedding if you want to send love messages. Bridesmaid gowns in lavender, lilac, orange, daffodil, or watermelon are popular choices. These color choices are sure to make you feel romantic.

Summer Color Theme. Summer weddings that are full of energy and excitement are ideal for the sunny weather. Color could play a significant role in this. Summer Wedding Dresses like orange, yellow, red, hot pink, and fuchsia are all-powerful colors that can help you express yourself.

Note: Your Bridesmaid's opinion is important. You need to hear their thoughts, even if it's difficult to please all of your bridesmaids with diverse skin tones and body types. Inquire about their last color choice and try to avoid it. If their dislikes coincide with the colors you wish to use, experiment with different shades within the same color family or choose a bridesmaid bouquet color that matches their dislikes for a more cohesive effect.

What are some Tips in Choosing Summer Wedding Dresses for Mother of the Bride and Groom

Find out about the mother's taste in clothes. The first thing you should do is pay attention to the mother's clothing preferences. She will not be able to carry off the chosen dress with equal grace if she is not at ease in it. Furthermore, the goal is to showcase her best characteristics rather than forcing her into a style with which she may not be comfortable.

Flattering silhouettes. Regardless of the mother's body size, it's important to select attractive styles that make her appear slimmer and taller. Summer Wedding Dresses made of a mix of satin and chiffon are a good choice. These textiles are both attractive and extremely absorbent. They're light enough for  a summer wedding dress while still being classy enough for the mother of the bride.

The Wedding Theme and Tone. The mother of the bride's gown must coordinate with the wedding's tone and concept. If the wedding is on the beach, make sure she wears something casual. However, unless there is a specific request, the dress does not have to be as girly as a bridesmaid dress.

Age Appropriateness. Always remember to keep the mother's age in mind when selecting a garment. While the occasion is formal, it is not necessary to make her gowns as elegant as a wedding gown or bridesmaid gowns. Even if you're planning a casual wedding, you should keep age appropriateness in mind.

Affordability. One of the secret elements that drive wedding purchasing is the pricing factor. Make sure the dress's price range is within the wedding budget's set parameters.

Matching Accessories. Without matching accessories, an outfit is never complete. If the mother of the bride wants to wear a family item as an accessory, make sure her summer wedding dress matches the style of the jewelry.

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What Are Some Summer Wedding Dresses for the Mother of the Bride and Groom?

Mother of The Bride Wedding Dress 

Although the mother of the bride's gown should complement the bridesmaids' gowns, it should not be identical to them. You should choose a hue that complements the bridesmaids' gowns. After all, a daughter's wedding is a very unique and meaningful occasion and she deserves to be treated differently from the rest of the bridal party.

Mother of The Groom Wedding Dress

You should avoid wearing the same color dress as the bridesmaids or the mother of the bride as the mother of the groom. Choose hues that complement the mother of the bride's gown and match the formality degree of her gown while selecting your gown. Always check to see whether your dress will clash with the mother of the bride's gown or the bridesmaids' gowns.

Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerrySummer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerrySummer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerrySummer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry
Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerrySummer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry


Wedding Dress Code in Invitation 

Summer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry


Mentioning a dress code ensures that your event remains as formal or relaxed as you like, and it also helps guests understand what is expected of them in terms of attire. Here are some tips on where you can put the dress code details for your wedding:

Wedding Invitation. Your Dress Code might be written in the lower left or right corner of the invitation. Insert the Dress Code in the bottom center.

Details Card. Use a Details or Information card with other crucial information for your guests to specify your dress code as well, as it keeps your invitation simple.

Wedding Website. Use this field to add your dress code if you're already providing a wedding website for other specifics and important information for visitors.

What Dress Code Should I Put on My Wedding Invitations?

Summer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry

Black Tie. A black-tie dress code is suited for a formal occasion (and usually indicates an evening affair), with males wearing a tuxedo and ladies wearing a stunning evening gown or cocktail dress.

White Tie. A white-tie dress code is appropriate for a formal occasion. It's more formal than a black tie and necessitates the most opulent apparel. A ball gown for women, gloves, a stole, a clutch or evening purse, and dazzling hair and make-up are examples of this. An evening tailcoat, white shirt, white waistcoat, and white bowtie may be worn by the men. Ultra-glam, to be sure! This is your opportunity to go all out!

Summer Wedding Dresses | Charmerry

Semi-Formal. As the name implies, a semi-formal dress code necessitates semi-formal attire. It's in the middle of being casual and formal. Men would be able to wear a black suit and women would be able to wear a cocktail dress under this dress code (tuxedos and long dresses are not necessary). When written on an invitation, this dress code can be a little unclear, and it can be understood differently by different people.

Lounge Suit. The lounge suit dress code denotes an event that is less formal than some of the other dress codes but still requires guests to dress fashionably. Women can wear a cocktail dress or a fitting dress, while males can wear a colored business suit and shirt.

Summer Wedding Dresses | CharmerryCocktail. Cocktail attire has traditionally been defined as a dark suit for men and an elegant gown for women; however, brighter colors might also be appropriate. Cocktail dresses that are shorter than knee length are really popular right now.

Smart Casual. A smart casual dress code does not always imply slacks and tees. Smart casual attire for ladies includes a gorgeous dress (cocktail or otherwise), tailored pants, or a skirt with a nice top. A suit and shirt for the guys, which might be black or light in color. This type of wedding does not require a tie.

Casual. A no-strings-attached clothing code effectively indicates that everything goes. Dress up in a dress for the ladies or a casual shirt and slacks for the guys. However, even though the dress code is "casual," keep in mind that you are attending a wedding, so dress comfortably but appropriately.

Summer Wedding Dresses for Guests

Floral designs and bright hues are usually a fashionable and enjoyable option for summer wedding dresses. Guests should wear mid-length to floor-length gowns in light and breathable materials to summer weddings with a formal dress code. Often, the invitation will specify what kind of wedding attire you should wear right away. A woman will need a light, flowing, or short "church" dress, a light-colored suit, or a light skirt and blouse for a daytime summer wedding. 

Important Tip: There are a few items that should never be worn at a wedding. Unless you are the bride, don't wear all white. At a daytime wedding, avoid wearing all black. Don't wear something revealing or sexy. Wear nothing ripped or filthy. The most crucial guideline of wedding clothes is to never wear anything that would draw attention away from the bride. (Read More: Wedding Dress Guide - Dress Patterns [Bridal Gown Ideas, Tips, Advice]).

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Summer Wedding Dresses
can be found at low prices. If you're looking for a Summer Wedding dress, this is something to keep in mind. There are numerous aspects to consider, and finding them can take some time. However, it does not have to consume a significant amount of your time. Considering that gowns can cost thousands of dollars or more. Dedicating an hour or two to internet window shopping is a fantastic idea. As a result, you'll be able to find the greatest rates, the best summer wedding dresses, and have it delivered to your home! With so many advantages to going online, an increasing number of people are opting for this method and searching for the greatest summer wedding dresses for the bride, summer wedding dresses for the mother of the groom and bride, and the appropriate summer wedding dresses for the guest!

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