Office Party Theme Ideas That Are Simple to Plan

Office Party Theme Ideas | charmerry  

🎉 Are you planning an office party soon? Need to organize a company party but don't know where to begin? As an event organizer in the company, this could be difficult to begin planning! A little time to socialize with coworkers is a great way to catch up and bond! If you're the organizer for the upcoming event, here are some Office party theme ideas and tips for making your event fun and successful! 🎉🥳

Office party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

💡 How To Start Planning Your Office Party 💡 

Have Someone Help You Plan 

A party would not be complete without the help of your coworkers. Ask someone from a like-minded group of coworkers who you believe can turn the planning into a fun party! To organize the best event for the company, you will need to work as a team. Choosing the right people to collaborate with on your plans can make the work much easier and faster!

Survey for Suggestions from Your Colleagues

Get everyone involved!  Soliciting their feedback on what they would like to see at the party. For example, office party theme ideas, games to play, and activities to do while the party is in progress. Make a list of their suggestions and make your first decision with your planning committee. Take into account your company's budget, objectives, workplace values, and culture.

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

🎊 Creative Office Party Theme Ideas That You Can Choose 🎊

The theme is one of the most important factors to consider when beginning the planning process. This would establish the tone for the entire event! Once you've come up with some great office party theme ideas, you'll be able to plan your event every step of the way. You should also think about the type of event you want to put on! Is the party formal or informal? We have some Office Party Theme Ideas for you to consider in order to make your event successful, unique, and entertaining!

Classic 90's

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

This is a great theme for an office party! Every employee does not need to spend a lot of money to get in shape for the theme! All you need is a good reference for how to style in the 90s and blend everything. At the same time, decorating for this type of theme is simple! A disco ball is required to give it a more '90s vibe. Just having an appropriate backdrop with '90s vibes is also a great idea!

Ice Cream Party Theme

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry
Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry
Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry
Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry


Who can resist a delicious, cool, creamy ice cream treat when the weather heats up? There's nothing more casual and enjoyable than an ice cream social. Stock up on ice cream flavors, cones, dishes, and all the toppings, and head outside! Fill an old bathtub or a large metal tub halfway with ice to keep your treats from melting, and you're done! Set up a sundae-making station and let the good times roll! Make sure to have plenty of sauces and toppings on hand, and don't forget the cherry on top!

Luau Party Theme

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

One of the most popular themes today is a luau party. This is a traditional Hawaiian party with music and dancing. Choose this theme if you want to add some tropical fun to your party. Tropical details are essential for a successful Luau Party. Make it your goal to pay attention to the details of the theme so that you can transform your party into a Tropical Island feel even if you are inside your building.

Costume Party

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

This is extremely popular among people, particularly among teenagers. People enjoy donning various colorful costumes and accessories. Consider Cinderella's gown, as well as a clown and Dracula outfits! The only limit is your imagination! It is critical to select the appropriate costume. To look great and have the best party costume, pay attention to even the smallest details. When selecting a party costume for a theme party, the comfort factor must be considered. The costume must fit properly and you must be comfortable wearing it. Otherwise, it may disfigure your appearance and thus ruin the overall party. (Related Read: The Best Gifts for Employees to Let them Know They're Appreciated)

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🎲 Office Party Themes Games and Activities 🎲

90s Party Activities 

Throw a 90s dance party. Play any throwback music, such as Backstreet Boys, NSync, or songs from the 1990s! Organize a 90's Trivia Theme Questions event. Playing some 90s music and having your colleagues guess or name something. They will surely enjoy it! Whoever has the highest score wins! Bring back the toys from the 1990s. Some 90's games like Snake and Ladders, Dominoes, and Crocodile Dentist to your colleagues' entertainment. These are some of the board games from the 1990s that you can include if you choose this theme!

Ice Cream Party Activities

What games or activities can you plan if you choose this party theme? Here are some suggestions: conduct a blind taste test by dividing your colleagues into groups and allowing them to determine which flavor of ice cream they are tasting. Another unique event is an ice cream eating contest. This requires two people: one to eat the ice cream and one to hold the ice cream. The twist is that whoever participates will have their hand-tied. Whoever completes the task first wins! This one is much better if you use cones. The messier it is, the more enjoyable it should be! Another option is to divide your colleagues into groups, with one representative for each. The goal of the game is to make the best banana split possible. Let your boss be the judge, and make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients to make the banana split colorful and creative. The best banana split takes the prize!

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

Luau Party Theme Activities

What can you do to make this party even more fun? Here are some ideas for activities. Prepare a Hula hoop and assign one representative to each group; the person who can hula-hoop the longest wins! Pass the Coconut is another enjoyable game. As in the popular game of "hot potato," but with coconut, have everyone sit in a circle. Play Hawaiian music or strum a ukulele while participants pass a coconut around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the coconut is "out," and so on until only one person remains. And don't forget about the Limbo Rock; the employee who can go lower wins! These office party theme ideas would be a hit with everyone! Certainly!

Costume Party Theme Activities

This theme lends itself to various games and activities. Employees are free to dress however they want. Incorporate fun and interactive activities in which your colleagues can participate to make your office party theme a success. "Hanging Apples" would be a fun game for this theme. The first person to finish the apple without using their hands wins! This can be done either individually or in pairs. The person who finishes the apple first wins! The Mummy Wrap is another classic game for this theme! Each group should be given a tissue roll. It is up to the organizers to decide how many rolls to use. Have it in pairs, one to be wrapped with tissue and one to wrap their colleague. The person who finishes first wins! The Battle of the Balloons is a final suggestion! Have two groups of ten people each, and the winner is the one who can pop the balloons the fastest! Again, these are some examples of what you can do.

Office Party Theme Ideas | Charmerry

🥨 Planning a party would be incomplete without party foods! You can also base your food on the theme of your Office party! And, as with the first step in party planning, have someone assist you in planning any food ideas and soliciting suggestions from your colleagues. 🥨

These are some Office party theme ideas for you to consider! Remember that a successful event necessitates careful planning! As an organizer, you must ensure that you can pull off an office party that everyone will enjoy! If you've read this post and are planning a corporate event, why not share it with your colleagues so they can learn about some budget-friendly, attainable, and most importantly fun office party theme ideas? I hope this is useful for your upcoming event! These are some office party theme ideas that you can use to make sure your coworkers and bosses have a good time. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below. We'd love to hear them!

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