Bridal Shower Ideas: Organizing a Bridal Shower and How to Successfully Plan For It!

Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry


Usually, organizing a bridal shower is the responsibility of the maid of honor. They will brainstorm along with the rest of the bridesmaids and decide what kind of decorations for a bridal shower to throw at the bride-to-be. A bridal shower will serve as a present for her. The maid of honor makes sure that fun is included. A kind of surprise that gives her one last party to enjoy before she gets married. The thing is, however, that it is not always easy to schedule a bridal shower, so one has to plan well in advance. Most especially in today’s case that we are still experiencing pandemics, bridal shower planning can be limited. But organizing for an event can be done through a virtual meeting. So, here's a guide for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids on how to prepare their soon-to-be bride friend's covid bridal shower ideas.


Bridal Shower Ideas | CharmerryGuest List

A guest list has to be generated by the organizer, but there are several things she has to remember before she does it. Next, she has to decide what sort of party to schedule. An exclusive feminine party or an outgoing form that includes men. It will be easy to think about the people to invite once it has been determined. The important lists include:

  • Female Family Members and Friends
  • Fiance's Female Family Member
  • Close Co-workers

Date, Time, and Venue

You have to think of a perfect date and time before anything else, as well as a place for the party. When deciding on the date and time, you have to remember the bride's and guests' availability. Bridal showers sometimes take place in the afternoon, and she may want to have hers at that moment, too. It can be thrown at the bride-to-be at any time between three and two months before the wedding. The organizer, however, should select a date that is favorable to most of the invited individuals and, most of all, to the bride-to-be. Any place to enjoy the party comfortably can be a great shower spot. 

Bridal Shower Ideas | CharmerryMost bridal showers are held at the host's home, but if she likes the outdoors, you can always go outside. These days, outdoor bridal showers are becoming very popular, and beaches, spas, sports facilities, gyms, cafes, bars, and restaurants are some great places to choose from. The venue of the shower usually depends on the number of people being invited and the preference for the budget. Small bridal showers are often held at home or garden, while bigger ones are often at external venues like halls, restaurants, and hotels. You also need to consider the venue’s safety protocol because of the COVID-19 safety guidelines restriction.

Your Budget Matters

Overspending can be very traumatic, so to prevent it, make sure to set a budget first before buying something. You do not expect the bride to contribute any amount as the host of the bridal shower. If you think you don't have enough money to spare, you can always ask for support from the rest of the bridesmaids. A shower doesn't have to be very expensive. All you need is to be innovative, imaginative, and realistic in your thinking. Basically, for the decorations for bridal showers, Invites, menu, and party favors, a host would need to assign a sum to spend. 


Many showers today feature various types of themes. You may want to choose a certain theme that reflects the bride-to-be's personality. To pull off a chosen theme, you can get creative. For instance, even though she is a sports fanatic, you can think of hosting a party at a sporting event. Or, because one of her favorite hobbies is cooking, you can have it in the kitchen. It will be easy to look for the decorations, favors, and gifts for the shower after the theme has been decided. The group will then be decorated in such a way that all the individuals involved will leave a great impression.

Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Here Are Some Bridal Shower Theme Ideas That You Might Like:

  • Romantic Theme. Some of the most romantic themes for bridal showers are love, romance, heart, and honeymoon. They reflect love and intimacy, such as a bridal shower, ideal for wedding parties. These are among the simple ways to prepare a romantic-themed bridal shower, from printing red and hearty invites, to the shower venue embellished with rose petals and candlelight. 
  • Modern Theme.  If you prefer to be unconventional, why not consider a modern theme? A contemporary-themed shower would certainly be appreciated by brides who have taste in contemporary fashion and lifestyle. The office, conference room, or lobby can hold a modern bridal shower. You can have the guests informed instead of sending traditional invitations by sending electronic invitations to their emails. 
  • Health and Fitness Theme. Planning a health and fitness-themed shower is the best idea you can do for a bride who is very knowledgeable when it comes to health. This party can be held in a gym, a local health club, a spa, or just in a small vegetable plantation in the backyard. You can have it decorated with sports/athletic items or fresh vegetables and fruits, depending on the availability of the venue. You can even see yourself.
  • Travel Theme. If it is a part of her lifestyle to travel, then why not plan a bridal shower for a getaway? This is a perfect idea, allowing her to travel to a lovely place where the party will be celebrated with friends and family. In a travel version, the options can be either at the beach, mountain, luxury ship, or any better place to enjoy the shower. 

Bridal Shower Games Ideas

  • Ice Breaker. These suggestions for the bridal shower game should be carried out before the real fun starts. Ask each lady to say their name when everyone arrives, and let everyone know how they met the bride or groom for 30 seconds. This is a great way to get to know each other and will hopefully make the rest of the evening run so smooth you all will leave feeling like you've known each other for years. 
  • Bridal Shower Games with Toilet Paper. Break-up of the participants into groups. Offer each group a few rolls of toilet paper. Now, ask them to select a bride out of their group, and make a toilet paper bridal gown. The best-looking gown is chosen by the bride. 
  • The Groom Question.  As one of their bridal shower game concepts, this is a funny game and one that most brides expect. Questions would be asked of the bride about her soon-to-be husband. She will get praised once she answers the questions correctly and gets penalized if not. 
  • The Pole 101 Dancing. Now, it's just time to let loose. This is what you are going to do. Invite a pole dancer to the shower in advance and ask her to teach the bride a brief pole dance class in front of her guest. For everyone who attends, this game is a riot and fun!

 Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Bridal Shower Party Favors

Favors for the bridal shower are an essential component that must not be ignored. One of the nicest ways to tell all the guests that they are welcome and appreciated is the favors. To make the favor simple, you can choose an adorable favor bag/bottle that is already decorated, it will reduce the time it takes you from scratch to make a favor. For the bride, it is also a proper courtesy to give the hostesses a gift as a special "Thank You" for the gathering. 

Here are some DIY Party favor containers that you can use for a Bridal Shower:

The wedding is close to the heart of every bride since childhood as she dreams of this day, so all efforts must be made to select the right gift for her. For the rest of her life, the present should be a memorable one that she would treasure. 

Some Interesting Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas Are Described Below: 

Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

 The Knot Wedding Planner

This gift idea would appreciate by the soon-to-be couple. This Wedding planner will serve as their guide to keep them on track. Detailed schedule and budgeting timelines and worksheets. On everything from the outfit to the music to the reception decor, preparation, and money-saving tips. This is a bridal shower to-do list that will help you all throughout the planning process.





Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

 Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

These coordinating aprons are a perfect choice for couples who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, as they shield the clothes from all kinds of incidents. Whether it's BBQ, grilling, or baking, it's nice to have these aprons around!





Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Family Wedding Picture Album

Keeping a family album would be a keepsake. Gathered all the captured moments in this album. Keeping your images acid-free, dustproof, and air-free.






Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Bridal Insulated Tumblr

Brides-to-be need their beauty rest, yes, but also a reminder before the big day to hydrate. She's going to be able to take her Iced Potions in this tumbler. 





Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Bridal Slipper

These Bridal Slippers are adorable, warm, and comfortable, and they'll make you grin. These slippers are the perfect slide-on before the big day for you and your crew!





Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry
 Bride Satin Robe 

This robe can be worn with the soon-to-be bride. A great gift idea that she will cherish. Not to mention that this bride robe will be used for her on the day wedding photoshoots. 




Bridal Shower Ideas | Charmerry

Couple Coffee Mugs

Pink and grey ceramic marble cups printed in a plain and elegant box with romantic words, the exclusive pull box style gives the couple a special experience. 





It is not always easy to schedule this tradition, since many major decisions need to be done. This bridal shower idea needs to be planned. The budget is the first thing that needs to be determined. Before preparing the decorations for the bridal shower, it is very important to decide the budget first. If not taken seriously, organizing a bridal shower can be very costly. The organizer should determine how much she'll pay, or how much she'll be able to spend. Throwing a bridal shower is the ideal way to show the bride how much you appreciate and is a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to make fun, long-lasting memories before entering married life.


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