Birthday Indoor Party Games for Kids That They Will Enjoy!

Indoor Party Games for Kids | Charmerry 

🎲 What is the best birthday indoor party games to keep everyone entertained? Children enjoy games, and there are numerous games from which to choose to keep the party going! There are classic indoor party games and trendy games that everyone wants to participate in! There are free party games, as well as games, such as card games, that you must purchase to have more fun! Whatever game you choose, you must select the best indoor party games to pass the time and make it more fun for them. 🎲

Indoor Party Games for Kids | Charmerry

What Makes Good Indoor Party Games for Kids?

A game is considered great to play if the mechanics are simple but entertaining! You want a game that will make all of the visitors laugh, and that laughter will be contagious whether you participate in the game or not! The game should also be short, but it should be memorable!

How do you get them to participate in your planned Birthday Indoor Party Game?

Simple! You should provide prizes for everyone, whether you're a kid or an adult. This would ensure the game's success and that everyone participates! A consolation prize and the winner's prize do not have to be fancy prizes, especially for children! For adults, it depends on your budget! if you have enough money to spend on big prizes, you can be sure that everyone at the party will participate and look after the prize! (Related Read: Card Games for Adults)


Birthday Indoor Party Games for Kids

Indoor Party Games for Kids | Charmerry

Candy Taste Test

The mechanics of these indoor party games for kids are simple. Simply prepare at least five different flavors of candies, a blindfold, paper, and a pencil. We will use a blindfold to prevent the children from seeing the colors of the candies and distinguishing them based on their taste. Gather all of the participants and give them the first flavor of candy after they have been blindfolded. After they've tried it, give them a piece of paper and a pen and ask them to write down their guesses, and repeat with the remaining candies. The child with the most correct guesses wins! This is a simple and fun birthday indoor party game to begin with!

Indoor party Games for Kids | Charmerry

Freeze Dance

By far one of the most classic indoor party games for kids! Isn't it natural for children to be so active and constantly on the move? Give them more opportunities to do so in this game by allowing them to enjoy the beat and move to the music! The music will be controlled by one person (an adult). When music is playing, children should move and dance! If they are not moving, they will be eliminated. When the music stops, the children will remain frozen in their previous position until the music resumes. The child who is the last to stand wins! Prepare a consolation prize as well as a prize for the winner!

Indoor Party games for Kids | Charmerry

Telephone Charades

This is a great indoor party game! This one requires the children's acting abilities! To begin, as the game's organizer, you should plan the actions that the participants must complete. Make sure that it is easy since you are dealing with kids! Prepare a pen and paper for the final person to write their response. This ensures that the children do not make any noise and do not hear the answers in the other group.

Example of Actions to Perform:

  • Writing
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Monkey
  • Brushing teeth
  • Brushing hair
  • Taking a shower
  • Cheerleading
  • Mowing


  1. Gather all of the children and divide them into two groups of five.
  2. Instruct them to form a row facing the left side of the room.
  3. Request that the first person in line turn around and choose the first action to be performed.
  4. The first person in line turns around and taps the person in front of them on the shoulder.
  5. The first person has 15 seconds to act out the action according to traditional charades rules. (Remind them that they should not make any noise while acting!)
  6. The second person observes, then taps the third person, who then turns around and observes the second person acting out their interpretation of what was acted out first.
  7. This process is repeated until the last person in line, who must guess what the action is by writing it on a piece of paper while making no noise.
Indoor Party Games for Kids | Charmerry

Pop The Balloon

Another classic but fun birthday indoor party game! You should divide your children into two groups. You inflate a balloon for each team and ensure that the number of balloons distributed to each team is equal. You'll also need a chair for each team to sit on while popping their balloons. On "go," the first players in each team's line must run, grab one of her colored balloons, bring it to the chair, and sit on it until it pops. When the balloon pops, they can tag the next person in line, who must then grab a new balloon and sit on the chair to pop it. This pattern will be repeated until one team has popped all of its balloons. The first team to complete the task wins.

Musical Chairs

This is a traditional outdoor or indoor party game! Make sure you have enough space to play this game! The mechanics are simple, and all you'll need is music and chairs! You must arrange your chairs in a circle. Make sure the number of chairs is less than the number of children who will participate. Everyone should dance around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops, the participants must find a seat. The child who does not have a chair to sit on is eliminated from the game. Take one more chair away each round until only one winner remains!

Indoor Party Games for Kids | Charmerry

These indoor party games for kids will keep them entertained and engaged! I hope you enjoyed these suggestions and will use them at your next kids' party.


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