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Wood Cake Toppers | Rustic Weddings & Chic Classy Styles, Vintage Decors, Country Themes & Boho Favors

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Wood Cake Toppers | Rustic Weddings & Chic Classy Styles, Vintage Decors, Country Themes & Boho Favors

  • Features:
    • Beautiful Wooden Cake Topper Decorations for Rustic Wedding, Vintage Wedding, Country Wedding & Boho Wedding Themes.
    • Simple and Elegant.
    • Perfect for the top tier of Engagement or Wedding Cake.
    • Perfect for Parties, Banquets and other formal or personal gatherings.
    • The Beautiful Wood Decoration can add to Cake, Bouquet or Table Centrepiece.
  • Material: Wood / Wooden / Made of Wood
  • Color: Natural Wood Color
  • Approx. Size: (*Depending on the style)
    • Width: ≦ 6.3" (≦16cm)
    • Length: ≦ 7.4" (≦19cm)
  • Options:
    • a. Pets in Wedding Cake Topper | 1 Dog & 1 Cat (5.9" x 7.4")
    • b. Pets in Wedding Cake Topper | 1 dog & 2 Cats (6.3" x 7.4")
    • c. Beautiful Bride & Groom Cake Topper (5.9" x 7.4")
    • d. Cats in Wedding Cake Topper (5.9" x 7.4")
    • e. Groom Hugging and Lifting Bride Cake Topper (4.7" x 7.4")
    • f. Romantic Groom & Bride Cake Topper (5.9" x 7.4")
  • Designs: Rustic Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Country Weddings & Boho Weddings.
  • Style:Rustic Wedding Style, Vintage Wedding Style, Country Wedding Style & Boho Wedding Style. Chic & Classy, Simple &Elegant, Romantic, Beautiful.
  • Type: Bride & Groom /Newly Married Couple, Family Pets /Dogs & Cats, Rustic Wedding Decor, Vintage Wedding Decor, Country Wedding Decor & Boho Wedding Decor, Chic & Classy Decor.
  • Category: Wood Cake Topper / Wooden Cake Decoration /Cake Decorating /Cake Accessory /Cupcake Display.
  • Occasion: Wedding /Anniversary /Engagement Party, Wedding Ceremony, Pre-Wedding Festivity, Wedding Shower / Bridal Shower, Bridal Bachelor Bachelorette Party, Stag Hen Night.
  • Ambiance: Remarkable Moment /Happy Moment /Heart Touching Moment /Romantic Time.
  • Themes: Simple & Classic Weddings, Rustic Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Country weddings, Classic Weddings, Western Weddings, Cowboy Weddings, Modern Classic Weddings, Classy Weddings, Chic and White Weddings, Outdoor Weddings, Boho Bohemian Weddings.
  • Tags: Chic & Classy Wedding, Wedding Cake, Wooden Cake Topper, Wood Wedding Cake Topper, Wood Cake Topper Decoration, Rustic Wedding Favors, Vintage Wedding Favors, Country Wedding Favors, Boho Wedding Favors | DE: Holz, hölzern, Hochzeit, Hochzeitstorte, Kuchenaufsätze, Kuchendeckel, Kuchenstecker, Tortenstecker | ES: de madera, Boda, pastel de bodas, Decoración para tartas, Topper Tarta de Boda, Decoración de Torta Cake Topper | FR: en bois, mariage, gâteau de mariage, Figurines pour gâteaux, Mariage Gâteau Topper, Décoration de Fête Fiançailles | AE: كعكة توبر، تزيين الكيك, حفل زواج, كعكة الزفاف,
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