Engagement Wedding Cake Topper (Family Members/Children /Son /Daughter)[Bride, Groom & 6 Kids] - CHARMERRY

Engagement Wedding Cake Topper (Family Members/Children /Son /Daughter)[Bride, Groom & 6 Kids]

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Engagement Wedding Cake Topper (Family Members /Children /Son /Daughter)

  • Features:
    • Big Family Cake Topper Decoration.
    • Simple and Elegant.
    • Perfect for the top tier of Engagement or Wedding Cake.
    • Perfect for Parties, Banquets and other formal or personal gatherings.
    • The Beautiful Cake Decoration can add to Cake, Bouquet or Table Centrepiece.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Black
  • Approx. Size:
    • Width: 5" ~ 6" (12.7cm ~ 15.24")
    • Height: Depending on the style.
  • Style: Family Members, Family Love /Sweet Home, Baby /Boy /Girl /Son /Daughter /Little Child /Children, Bride & Groom /Newly Married Couple, Loving Gaze /Gazing Lovingly, Groom's Hand on his Bride's Waist, Groom's Hands Around Bride's Waist, Groom gently Embraces the Bride's Waist, Hug /Hugging /Love Hug, Nose Rub /Rubbing Noses, Holding Hands /Hands Holding.
  • Category: Cake Topper / Cake Decoration /Cake Decorating /Cake Accessory /Cupcake Display.
  • Type: Simple & Elegant, Cute /Pretty /Sweet /Happy, Romantic /Classical /Beautiful /Happiness.
  • Occasion: Wedding /Anniversary /Engagement Party ,Wedding Ceremony, Pre-Wedding Festivity, Bridal Bachelor Bachelorette Party, Stag Hen Night.
  • Ambiance: Remarkable Moment /Happy Moment /Heart Touching Moment /Romantic Time.