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Tea Raspberry Tea -Herbal Raspberry Loose Leaf Tea /Flower Loose Tea Bags - Charmerry

Raspberry Tea -Herbal Raspberry Loose Leaf Tea /Flower Loose Tea Bags

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    Tenren Raspberry Herbal Tea /Raspberry Fruit Tea /Tea Bags /10-Count /40g /1.4oz
    Premium Raspberry Herbal Tea. This blend brings you the best of both delicious fruits: the tart sweetness of apple pieces, balanced with the gentle tang of raspberries and a touch of hibiscus flowers. The result is a delightfully lively infusion, bursting with the taste of summer.
  • Premium Raspberry Herbal Tea, Made with all-natural ingredients.
  • Apple pieces, Rosehips, Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peels and Raspberry Flavourings with Other Natural Flavourings
  • Naturally Caffeine-free and perfect at any time of the day.
  • TenRen's TEA passed the ISO 22000 and HACCP verification, also is the only tea company that gets ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9002 three kinds of verification in the tea industry.
  • A refreshing Raspberry Herbal Tea,Great for both hot and iced Tea.
How long should I allow raspberry tea to brew?
    We recommend that you allow the raspberry herbal tea to brew for two to three minutes. This allows the flavour to fully develop. Then add honey or suger or enjoy it directly, whatever your preference.
How should raspberry tea be stored?:
    Tea absorbs moisture and kitchen smells. To keep your raspberry tea fresh and avoid spoiling the flavor, keep loose rose tea or rose tea bags in a sealed jar or tin.
Herbal Teas:
    Herbal tea, or, more properly, tisane, is any beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water, and usually does not contain caffeine. These drinks are distinguished from true teas (black, green, white, yellow, oolong, etc., which are prepared from the cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis), as well as from decaffeinated tea, in which the caffeine has been removed. Like beverages made from true teas, herbal teas can be served hot or cold. Herbal teas have been used for nearly as long as written history extends. Documents have been recovered dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China that discuss the enjoyment and uses of herbal teas. Among the Chinese, herbal teas are commonly known as liang cha.
Herbal Tea Bags:
    Herbal teas can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, generally by pouring boiling water over the plant parts and letting them steep for a few minutes. Seeds and roots can also be boiled on a stove. The herbal tea is then strained, sweetened if so desired, and served. Many companies produce herbal tea bags for such infusions.
Iced Tea:
    Iced tea (or ice tea) is a form of cold tea. Though usually served in a glass with ice, it can also refer to a tea that has been chilled or cooled. It may or may not be sweetened. Iced tea is also a popular packaged drink. It can be mixed with flavored syrup, with multiple common flavors including lemon, raspberry, lime, passion fruit, peach, orange, strawberry, and cherry. While most iced teas get their flavor from tea leaves (Camellia sinensis), herbal teas are also sometimes served cold and referred to as iced tea. Iced tea is sometimes made by a particularly long steeping of tea leaves at the lower temperature (one hour in the sun versus 5 minutes at 180~210 °F / 80~100 °C). Some people call this "sun tea". In addition, sometimes it is also left to stand overnight in the refrigerator.

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