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Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea -10 Loose Tea /Loose Leaf Tea Bags /30g /1.06oz. - Charmerry

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea -10 Loose Tea /Loose Leaf Tea Bags /30g /1.06oz.

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  • Product:
      TenRen Sun Moon Lake Black Tea -Whole Leaf Loose Tea Bags /10-count /30g /1.06oz.
  • Description:
      Tearen Sun Moon Lake Black Tea is grown on the highest-elevation tea estates. These tea estates are known around the globe for the purity of their tea leaves and their robust flavor. Gently plucked by hand, the long leaves of black pearl tea remain true to the natural state of the tea leaf. This tea has a clean, smooth flavor and a lip-smacking delicious taste.
  • Feature:
    • 10-count Premium Tea Bags, A rich & satisfying robust black tea.
    • 100% natural ,A refreshing and healthy hot drink.
    • Every teabag is sealed in its own envelope for extra freshness.
    • TenRen's TEA passed the ISO 22000 and HACCP verification, also is the only tea company that gets ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9002 three kinds of verification in the tea industry.
    • Enjoy the rare pleasure of a fine Black Tea.
  • How long should I allow black tea to brew?
      We recommend that you allow the black tea to brew for two to three minutes. This allows the flavour to fully develop. Then add milk or lemon or enjoy it black, whatever your preference.
  • How should black tea be stored?
      Tea absorbs moisture and kitchen smells. To keep your tea fresh and avoid spoiling the flavour, keep loose tea or tea bags in a sealed jar or tin.

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