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Daruma Throw pillows (Japanese Good Luck Doll Gifts /Creative Funny Novelty)

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Daruma Throw pillows (Japanese Good Luck Doll Gifts /Creative Funny Novelty)

  • Features:
    • Japanese Daruma Doll Throw Pillows.
    • Soft and Comfortable.
    • Creative Daruma Throw Pillows, Love at the first sight.
    • Perfect for decorating your room in a simple and natural way.
    • The Daruma Trow Pillow is an excellent addition that gives character to any space.
    • This item makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift.
  • Material: High-Quality Foam Particle
  • Color: Multi-Color.
  • Approx. Size:
    • 13" x 13" (33cm x 33cm)
  • Options:
    • White
    • Red
    • Black
  • Contains: Japanese Good Luck Trow Pillow x1.
  • Style: Creative, Novelty, Geeky, Funny, Humorous, Special, Cool, Unusual, Surprising.
  • Category: Throw Pillows & Cushions, Decorative Pillows /Accent Pillows /Toss Pillows, Room /Decorating ideas, Gifts /Presents, Home & Kitchen, Home Décor /Seasonal Décor, Event & Party Supplies /Party Favors /Party Decorations & Supplies, Home Accessories.
  • Type: 3D Printed Japanese Daruma Doll.
  • Theme: Japanese Good Luck Doll, Cartoon /Comics /TV & Movie Character.
  • About Throw Pillows:
    • Throw Pillows and Decorative Cushions are made from a wide range of textiles including silk, leather, microfiber or faux suede, cotton, linen and hemp. In recent years, Decorative Pillows have been revived as an artistic medium. Fashion designers have become increasingly attracted to the lucrative home textiles or furnishings market and this has led to a wide range of more embellished looks and styles.
    • Throw pillows typically feature a removable cover with a feather pillow form stuffed inside and come in various sizes and shapes. The most common size Throw Pillow is 16 to 18-inch square. However, rectangular, circular and cylindrical throw pillows, called bolsters, are also popular. Outside the United States, throw pillows are more commonly referred to as cushions.
    • A Throw Pillow, or Toss Pillow, is a small, decorative type of Pillow. Throw Pillows are usually placed on sofas or armchairs but are also frequently used on beds, day beds, and floors. Throw pillows serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Decorative pillows are commonly used to tie in color accents within a room, often drawing on the colors in drapes, walls or area rugs. From a functional perspective, Throw Pillows may provide back, neck and head support.
  • About Daruma:
    • The Daruma doll, also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist. Though considered an omocha, meaning toy, by some, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. The doll has also been commercialized by many Buddhist temples to use alongside the setting of goals.

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